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The following section will provide the schematic diagram, the PCB component and PORT pin layouts for the MultiPIC Development Board.  Some construction tips and details will also be given.


Schematic Diagram

Here is the detailed schematic diagram for the MultiPIC Development Board.  Please note that you will only have to populate and use certain sections of the design.  Use only the components as outlined in the What do you need? section.


PCB Component Layout and PORT pins

The following layout demonstrates where all the components are situated on the PCB and also indicates the Pin layout for each PORT.


Block Diagram

When using the MultiPIC Development Board in a project, you don’t have to include the full schematic diagram for the MultiPIC Board in your project’s schematic.  You can simply use the following block diagram (or something similar) in your schematic, seeing that it is an existing board to which you will just connect your external circuits.


Construction Tips and Details

Here are some construction tips for populating certain components on the MultiPIC Development Board PCB:

·        Resistors (R1, R3, R8, R24)

To save space on the PCB, the resistors are mounted radially.


·        Diodes (D1, D8, D10)

The diodes are also radially mounted and care should be taken to which side the Cathode of each diode must be soldered to the PCB.


·        Capacitor (C5)

Make sure the negative (-) side of the 100uF capacitor is soldered to the outside of the PCB.


·        LED (LED2)

The LED has a "flat side" which indicates the Cathode side.  This will also be the longer of the two pins.  Make sure you solder the LED the right way around, otherwise it will not light up when power is applied to the circuit.