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The class library that will be used in this section and that needs to be imported is:

  • KEYPAD_DISCO_F429ZI  (Author: Grant Phillips, May 2016, search: "keypad_disco") - Class library for a touchscreen-based keypad for the LCD display present on the DISCO_F429ZI board.


The KEYPAD_DISCO_F429ZI library also requires the board support (BSP) files for the TFT LCD and Touchscreen present on the DISCO_F429ZI.  So to start a new program it would be the easiest to:

  1. Create a new program
  2. Select DISCO-F429ZI from the Platform list (make sure that you add the platform to your compiler beforehand)
  3. Select Basic demo showing how to use the touchscreen present on the ... from the Template list.
  4. Type a name for the program and click OK.
  5. Import the KEYPAD_DISCO_F429ZI library manually
  6. Write the program

This will ensure that all the required libraries to use with the KEYPAD_DISCO_F429ZI library are added to the program.


The following example programs will demonstrate the principles of using the KEYPAD_DISCO_F429ZI class library: