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Download: Examples -

The following example programs are available to demonstrate the basic principles of implementing a 4x4 keypad using the LCD Touch Panel:

  • ex1_LCDKEYPAD_Simple.c
  • ex2_LCDKEYPAD_Simple2.c
  • ex3_LCDKEYPAD_PressAnyKey.c
  • ex4_LCDKEYPAD_PressAnyKey2.c
  • ex5_LCDKEYPAD_ConvertToInt.c


The LCDKEYPAD_F429I.c driver requires the use of stm32f4xx_tim.c and needs to be manually added to the Touch_Panel Peripheral example as follows:

  1. Right-click on the STM32F4xx_StdPeriph_Driver folder and click on Add Existing Files to ... .  You can also just double-click on the folder
  2. Select stm32f4xx_tim.c from the Standard Peripheral Library source folder (e.g. G:\STM32\STM32F429I-Discovery_FW_V1.0.1\Libraries\STM32F4xx_StdPeriph_Driver\srcl).
  3. Click Add and then Close.