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The ICD1 is a programmer that you can use to program a PIC microcontroller and fits onto the MultiPIC Development board.  It makes use of an external program called "ICD Control Program" which you can use to download your project's HEX file to the PIC microcontroller:



You should have received the ICD1 PCB with the PCB for the MultiPIC Development board.  Before you start populating the PCB, read this:

Before Populating the ICD1.pdf


If you finished testing the PCB, you can proceed building the programmer, using the following documents:

ICD1 Component List.pdf

ICD1 Layout.pdf

ICD1 Schematic.pdf


Keep in mind that you can get the PIC16F876 from Mr Ehlers.  The ICD1 needs to be pre-programmed with the correct firmware for the target PIC range that you intend programming, e.g. 16F or 18F.  Indicate which one you will be using and ask Mr Ehlers to program the PIC16F876 with the correct firmware.