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Download: Examples - HD44780

The following example programs are available to demonstrate the basic principles of how to use a HD44780-based lcd:


Example program that writes "Hello World!" to a HD44780-based character LCD.

* The HD44780-based character LCD is connected as follows (line 92 to 110 in HD44780_F3.c):
   Vss (LCD pin 1)                -    GND
   Vdd (LCD pin 2)                -    3.3V
   Vee (pin3)                        -    Contrast circuit
   RS  (pin4)                        -    PD0
   RW  (pin5)                        -    PD1
   E   (pin6)                        -    PD2
   DB0 (pin7)                        -    
   DB1 (pin8)                        -    
   DB2 (pin9)                        -    
   DB3 (pin10)                        -    
   DB4 (pin11)                        -    PD4
   DB5 (pin12)                        -    PD5
   DB6 (pin13)                        -    PD6
   DB7 (pin14)                        -    PD7
* The LCD will be setup for 4-bit mode (line 84), 16 columns (line 88) and 2 rows (line 89)



Example program that demonstrates the use of the character functions in the HD44780_F3.c library (HD44780_ClrScr(), HD44780_GotoXY(), HD44780_PutChar(), HD44780_PutStr()) and the use of string function sprintf().

* The HD44780-based LCD is connected and setup as described in ex1_HD44780_HelloWorld.c