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The following section will provide example code for the MultiPIC Development Board.  The design examples are based on the PIC18F4620 microcontroller, but could be modified for any other 18F series microcontroller.

Read Loading an Existing Project in the Microchip C18 Tutorial section to learn how to load these examples programs.

The following ZIP file contains all the example programs along with the user defined libraries that might be required.


The folders for the ZIP file are as follows:


Contains all the user defined libraries to  be used with the example programs, e.g. Config.h, XLCD.c, etc.

\Basic Input Output


Examples for writing to outputs and reading from inputs, using delays, etc.


Examples for reading analog input values from potentiometers and other devices, scaling the values, etc.


Examples for writing messages and values to a LCD



Examples for reading input key strokes from a 4x4 keypad



Examples for creating a PWM output signal which could be used for


Examples for controlling up to 4 servo motors from the PIC18F462


Examples for using the USART module for serial communication





\Sonar Distance Sensor

Examples for using sonar distance sensors

Each example program is numbered in its respective folder.  It is highly recommended that you go through the example program in this sequence to get a full understanding of the programming structures.

You can also read through each of the following sub-sections to see what example programs are available and to read a short description of each example.