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This section is dedicated to provide example programs for the STM32F429ZI-Discovery using the ARMmbed libraries and other user created libraries.  Where possible, the examples will be updated to meet requests from students and might even include new libraries for specific sensors etc.

It is assumed that the user is fully acquainted with the STM32F429ZI-Discovery board and its peripherals.


ARMmbed Pin Compatibility

For your convenience, the following table will indicate the pin usage on the STM32F429ZI-Discovery and what ARMmbed libraries/objects can be used with each:

STM32F429ZI-Discovery-and-ARMmbed-Pin-Compatibility-Chart (not up to date)

If you use the incorrect pins with certain objects (e.g. PwmOut), the processor will simply "hang".  Keep in mind that some of the pins are used for the onboard peripherals of the STM32F429ZI-Discovery board itself, so be carefull using these (marked in orange in the table).  So familiarise yourself with this table to ensure that you start using the correct pins from the onset of your project.


STM32F4-Discovery Examples Compatibility

All the examples listed in the STM32F4-Discovery Examples section will be compatible with the STM32F429ZI-Discovery and as a result those examples won't be repeated here.  Only examples that are only intended for the STM32F429ZI-Discovery platform specifically will be listed in this section, e.g. examples for the 240x320 QVGA TFT LCD.